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Favworld website reviews: Slimming Shaper

The Slimming thermo vest from is a sports accessory that helps you regain your fitness by using the ancestral benefits of sweating. It will help you to shape your body and have the body you are dreaming of. Find in this article to find how the slimming thermo vest could help you.

slimming thermal vest

Refining the silhouette

It helps you lose inches of waist by boosting sweating.

Get a flat stomach

Your belly tones up and becomes firm faster and longer.

Building your abdominal strap muscles

Your abs are better drawn with sweat and exercise.

It reduces edema

Effective in case of water retention, the slimming thermo vest from removes excessive water in the tissues and reduces swelling.

Detoxifying the body

With the regular use of the Slimming Thermo Vest, stored toxins are eliminated by perspiration allowing your body to purify and clean itself.

Improving the quality of the skin

Just like after going through a sauna session, the skin of your belly will becomes sharper, more toned and softer with a refined grain.

Help you find the motivation, every day for your fitness or workout sessions

With this garment, you can train everywhere, all the time. At home, at work or at the gym, the slimming thermo vest will allow you to stay in shape with discretion. Soft, thin and comfortable, it can be worn either below or above your clothes.

The perfect fitness companion

Do you do bodybuilding, boxing or zumba? The Slimming thermo vest will increases your physical performance and boosts your fitness while protecting your back.

It does not slip, does not come off and follows all your movements as it holds a huge flexibility ensuring good comfort. The Slimming thermo vest can complete the outfit for an integral treatment.

Give yourself the latest innovative technologies

The slimming thermo vest is designed from the latest technologies in terms of sweat clothings, what make it very effective. You will feel an extreme sudation. The insulation compound is made of 90% neoprene and 10% nylon, latex free, for increased and prolonged perspiration, every time. With its modern design neat finishes, strong peripheral seams and especially two sizes to cover all morphologies, man or woman, you will not feel any discomfort while using it.

Quality materials

Comfort, flexibility and great resilience of materials for a sweat belt of great strength and durability.

Perfect hold

Anti-slip technology and powerful center grasping for a secure fit that stays in place during your workout.

The slimming thermo guide provides you with complete videos tutorials on its YouTube channel, to help you deal with your slimming thermo vest, for the vest results. The Guide contains simple nutritional recommendations and easy workout programs for sustainable bodyshaping.

So, are you tired of being shy when it comes to your belly? Tired of always wanting to hide it? Make your stomach, and all your upon asset with the Slimming thermo vest from

Transpires and finds a refined silhouette, a toned and smooth skin.

Sweat to detoxify your body and feel better in your skin.

Sweat to speed up your metabolism and boost your weight loss

With the Slimming thermo vest, you get rid of those extra inches while protecting your back! It offers strong support and keeps your lumbar warm whether during physical training or at home! So what are you waiting for? Order your Slimming thermo vest now at, at only $24.

Food to Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals

When it comes to enhancing athletic performance, helping you recover, building muscle mass and helping with overall fitness, few things are as important as what you fuel your body with. Honestly, the only thing just as important is your water intake!

It’s important to fuel your body with the right foods. Most of us know that it involves eating clean and avoiding foods that are bad for you. But, did you know that there are some sources of nutrition that can really enhance your workouts? Here are the top 11 things you should be consuming on a regular basis.

  • Beet juice

Did you know the juice of this earthy root can be just as effective at giving you an energy boost as caffeine? Studies have shown that it can help people work 16% longer! Imagine how much more intensely you could work at the gym? In order to take advantage, simply juice some fresh beets with a juicer. Drink it straight, cut it with some lemon juice, or simply add it to your smoothies.

  • Honey

Honey has many benefits. One of these benefits include a steady source of fuel that steadies your blood sugar and insulin levels. Make sure to get USDA Certified Organic raw honey that is local to your area to also take advantage of the allergen fighting and immunity boosting properties. You can use it to sweeten up a beverage, mix it into your oatmeal, or simply enjoy a spoonful on its own.

  • Pea protein

This has been super popular now. Pea protein powder is filled with branched chain amino acids, which are composites that can delay fatigue during exercise. Yellow peas provide arginine, which is known to enhance the body’s immune system. It also contains lysine, which helps maintain bone strength because it increases calcium absorption and decreases calcium losses. With one scoop you can get more than 25 grams of healthy, lean protein. Enjoy it with almond, coconut or soy milk or mix it in to your favorite healthy smoothie recipe.

  • Blueberries

Reduce inflammation and build your immunity with these small little berries. Not only do they reduce inflammation, but they boost the body’s white blood cells that play an important role in immunity. Enjoy them fresh in the summer months and make sure to freeze some for the winter. Add them to your oatmeal, smoothies, salads or just grab a handful as a snack on your way out the door.

  • Tart cherries

cherry juice has been shown to have a significant effect on pain reduction after workouts. Available fresh in the late summer, you can freeze them yourself or go for the already frozen option. It’s also available as a juice, just make sure to pay attention to portion sizes!

  • Salmon

We all know that lean proteins are important to our body. However, the omega-3 fatty acids that fatty fish like salmon contain can do everything from stave off type 2 diabetes to fight heart disease. Additionally, research shows that it can boost your muscles and their development. It’s best when it’s wild cut! If you don’t like seafood, look for omega-3s that come from algae.

  • Watermelon

This delicious fruit can prevent dehydration, which is why it is great for athletes and pregnant women to consume. But it also contains citrulline, which helps to improve the function of the arteries and lowers blood pressure. The rind is where most of this compound can be found!

  • Pomegranate

This fruit of the gods is filled with antioxidants that help with memory and brain activity. Additionally, it has been shown to improve the recovery of the muscles. This fruit is found fresh in the winter, but frozen and juiced varieties can be found all year long. Take a small shot of 100% pomegranate juice on a regular basis and take advantage of these incredible benefits.

  • Coffee

Most of us are extremely glad that this one makes the list! After all, it’s hard to function without our morning cup of joe. Studies have actually shown, however, that when athletes replenish themselves after a fitness routine with carbs and caffeine, glycogen levels are increased tremendously. This is a good thing, because that means that your muscles will store that energy and help fuel your next workout. You will be able to exercise stronger and longer the next day!

  • Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is not only delicious, but it has a ton of great benefits. One of them is that it increases antioxidant levels and reduces stress cells that can accumulate after exercise. Enjoying some chocolate will be good for your body and soul! Seriously, chocolate is good for the soul.

Enhance your fitness routine with these foods. They are a tasty addition to a healthy diet that can give you a boost and that needed edge to take your workout routines and healthy lifestyle to a whole new level.

fitness food recipes

5 fruits that will help you lose weight

Now that we have already learned about how fruits can help us lose weight and maintain a healthy body weight, we can now focus on which fruits are best for helping us shed those extra pounds.

Of course, not all fruits are created equal as some have a higher sugar count than others. Plus, most fruit based products that are processed have extremely high amounts of added sugar and often don’t resemble the original fruit whatsoever.

which fruits are best for helping us shed those extra pounds.
The top 5 fruits

Pears: This fruit is a fiber powerhouse and has one of the highest fiber content when compared to other fruits, with more than 4 grams of fiber for a half a pear. Fiber helps to control the blood sugar levels to be more stable, while the body ingests the natural sugar found in the pear.

Apples: Apples can easily be found year round, just as with pears, and we all know the old saying: An apple a day keeps those extra pounds away.

Melons: All types of melons have a high water content, which means that they have low calories, plus as a bonus, they can be found year round at the supermarket. For example, you can eat about half of a cantaloupe or honey melon for less than 100 calories.

Cherries: This fruit is recognized as one of the fruits with the lowest glycemic levels, which means that the fruit sugar in cherries isn’t quickly absorbed into your body. So, even though cherries have a sweet tart flavor, they maintain our blood sugar levels stable, which is ideal for losing weight.

Grapefruit: This fruit is surrounded by a list of weight loss myths. The reality about grapefruit is that it will not directly melt your excess fat away. However, it is a great fruit that helps to lose weight because the sugars found in grapefruit are not quickly absorbed by your body.

Fruit products to avoid

In the first place, it is important to avoid all types of fruit juices, even including those that claim that they are 100% fruit juice. All fruit juices have a high concentration of sugar that is naturally found in the fruits and often the fiber and pulp has been either partially or completely removed.

The second item we should avoid is dried fruit products. Just half a cup of dried fruits such as raisins has more than 200 calories but a whole cup of fresh grapes has less than 60 calories.
Last, but not least, stay away from canned fruits that have sweet syrup.

Fruit can help you win the weight loss battle, if you follow the simple suggestions above.

How to lose weight quickly and reduce cholesterol in little time

Trying to lose weight in a healthy way and at the same time taking care of oneself, there is nothing better than natural foodstuffs that contribute to the fact that the extra kilograms disappear, without major sacrifices for those who consume them.

One of the foods that solves the question of how to lose weight quickly is oatmeal. Regularly consumed, oats pass through the digestible tract, capturing cholesterol and naturally suppressing it. It also contains elements that inhibit cholesterol synthesis. It can be eaten whole, preferably with certain berries that help the intestinal movement.

In the evening, you can leave 3 tablespoons of oatmeal in flakes with water in a glass and eat them fasting. The results are surprising.

How to lose weight quickly without stoping eating?

Quite a lot of people believe that if they stop eating they will lose weight, that can go partially well over the first few weeks but the body is “accustomed” to take for itself and accumulate in the form of fat all that is swallowed, so as soon as you surrender in your care will quickly regain weight.

To lower your cholesterol, you don’t need to go on extreme diets or undergo treatments that won’t satisfy you in the end. Cholesterol is necessary for the organism, in truth it generates it when it is not ingested, but the real problem begins when it accumulates by excess in the body, so it is very important to lead a healthy life, balanced and physical activity.

it is very important to lead a healthy life, balanced and physical activity.

Everything about Waist trainer for slimming

Many people are now looking for methods, products or objects in order to be better fit, have a better physique, one of these products is the so called waist trainer for slimming, which is a corset that is used to tighten ribs and the waist of the people, allowing molding the waist and slimming. As regards the mechanism as this work is very simple is based on priming it so as to compress the ribs and waist, until over time goes away molding, in regard to this garment must be used long enough to mold it. It is important to know that this garment is semi-permanent.

In reference to the material that is made the waist trainer for slimming it is necessary to know that these objects are made of different materials such as fabrics, elastic materials that allow to adjust the waist training and mold the waist shape since the person who use them want Have small waist. Among the most famous examples of practice is the American Cathie Jung, who since young showed interest in corset waist trainer , she use the corset for 30 years and holds the title of women with the smallest waist in the world, as manifested by the World Guinness Records and at 76 has a waist of 38.1 cm.

How many times do you should use the corset?

Mold waist slimming

According to the connoisseurs on the subject, the corset should be used for a suitable time during the day, in order to have the desired effect, which is to obtain the silhouette in the form of wasp or clock shape Sand, so a waist should be used for a time of 22 hours per day, it is say, take it off only to do personal cleaning and take a break.

Mold waist slimming

One of the methods most used is the waist trainer for slimming, molding the waist is a gradual process that merits time and it is necessary that also people who wish to achieve and at the beginning the pressure must be smooth, so that the body leaves adapting and avoiding damage, as time passes, the pressure increases and the waist becomes smaller.

Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that people who use these corset waist trainer should not carry practice to the extreme and take things progressively for the purpose of avoiding any injury and that people are advised to go to the doctor with some frequency.

It is important to know that the traditional corset are different from the so called cincher that are set from the chest to below the waist, compressing the abdomen and causing the movement of the organs towards the lower or upper torso, so these objects are very useful for reorganizing the organs.

There are also some types of girdles that are used to train and focus more on the waist part so they are very useful since they allow the person to sweat quite so they can be supplemented by performing some type of exercise that helps to lose weight in a much faster way or supplement it with some type of supplement that helps to lose weight much faster.

It is important to know that with the passage of time the corset had been evolving and there are different shapes, materials and size, so the user is very important that when making any purchase in a store is reported in a suitable way and also be clear on what measure you need to get to make a proper purchase.

You not waste time if you want to have the wasp waist and get your waist trainer for slimming, use it responsibly, avoid the excesses and you will get that results you both expect.

Exercises to lose weight and have a healthy life

Losing weight can be a very difficult task, since it is a goal that not only obese people seek to achieve. So do athletes and people who want to have a quality and healthy life. There are many techniques and exercises to lose weight. The most recommended are cardio because they speed up the metabolism and the person burns fat faster.exercises to lose weight at home

Types of exercises to lose weight

As already mentioned, the most recommended types of exercises are cardiovascular. These speed up the heart rate and also help the person not only lose weight, but improve coronary functioning and promote overall health.

You do not need to go to the gym or hire a personal trainer to lose weight. These cardio exercises can be performed from the comfort of our home. They are very simple to do. Many professionals have created routines in which in twenty minutes in addition to slimming can also strengthen the muscles and tone them.

Some of the products that can help you lose weight are Nitric Max Muscle, Pure Cambogia Ultra and Phen375. These can help you lose weight, and are a good complements for keeping our body healthy. It favors the elimination of fat, fat and increase of muscle mass.

Cardio benefits

The cardio routines are usually in some cases very demanding. Most of them range from twenty to forty minutes. The exercises are intense and very broad. They usually include abs, lizards, squats, and everything should be done at a very fast pace with the goal of speeding up the metabolism. The purpose is to cause the body to become a machine that burns fat. In this way the muscle mass of the person is also strengthened.

If a person wants to do another class of exercises to lose weight, more moderate, you can choose to hike or bike. The walks usually work the legs and the lower abdominal muscles and the hips. In addition, a walk of forty minutes three times a week can grant other benefits and decrease stress. It also helps lower blood glucose levels, strengthens leg muscles, removes weight and prevents diseases.

The benefits of walking

It is estimated that a walk at a moderate pace of forty minutes can cause us to lose up to 200 calories. It is for this reason that this simple exercise can bring us many benefits. In case you want to increase the benefits, you can take a bike ride, since an hour of bicycling makes us burn 350 calories. It is an indicated exercise to lose weight and that in addition is very beneficial for your health in general.

These kinds of exercises that have been already mentioned and that are performed frequently can get to lose weight very quickly. These kinds of exercises to lose weight should be done regularly and should be included in the routine of your life, if you want to lose weight and prevent diseases like obesity or cholesterol.

What is Garcinia Cambogia and What Effects Does It Have?

Many times we have heard of Garcinia Cambogia or Pure Cambogia Ultra. They not only help you lose weight, but also can be used by people with type 2 diabetes. They regulate the levels of glucose in the body. This fruit is also known as tamarind from India. It is where it usually grows naturally, in addition to other regions of Southeast Asia.

Its main ingredient is hydroxycitric acid which is also known as HCA acid. This ingredient has a fat burning effect on the body and is what causes the person to lose weight quickly. This acid is present in this fruit, mainly in the fruit pulp and in the crust. Through a special technique the HCA is extracted to elaborate the tablets and compacts that are used to complement the loss of weight.Garcinia Cambogia benefits

The benefits of Garcinia Cambogia

As already mentioned, the benefits offered by Garcinia Cambogia are numerous. They range from losing weight, to controlling blood glucose levels in people with type 2 diabetes. In addition to these benefits, it can also be a good sham for people suffering from depression. This acid that makes Garcinia Cambogia, has a positive effect on the happiness hormone, also known as serotonin. It also stimulates the increase of dopamine levels.

For those people who wish to lose weight, it is recommended to consume two capsules before each meal. For example, you have to take it before breakfast, lunch and midafternoon. It is estimated that four to six capsules are recommended to effectively lose weight. Before starting to consume the Garcinia Cambogia side effects , it is recommended to consult a nutritionist as a preventive measure.

How to consume Garcinia Cambogia

It is advisable to do the treatment with Garcinia Cambogia for a period of time of forty days. You can lose up to twenty kilos, depending on the condition of the person and their degree of obesity. It is indicated for those people who have morbid obesity since it usually very difficult to control.

The effect of HCA works as it follows: when the person eats food, acid causes food to not accumulate as fat or energy in the body. When this energy is needed, it is taken from the fat reserves that the person possesses. In this way, Garcinia Cambogia becomes a potent fat burner and the person loses weight quickly.

Another of the benefits of this supplement is that it does not produce psychological effects on the person who consumes it. Unlike other products, this one helps the person not to suffer disorders such as: depression, anxiety distress or hunger. You lose weight quickly and effectively, without starving and it also helps maintain blood glucose levels.

Which diets for weight loss can you do?

There are numerous diets for weight loss, some of them are very easy to do, and also allow us to lose up from three to five kilos in a week. While these diets are very extreme and only recommended three times a year at most, they bring many health benefits. Some of these benefits are the reduction of blood glucose levels, elimination of toxins and toxic elements of the body, among others. With diets, you can also combine Garcinia Cambogia and Pure Cambogia Ultra– which are natural supplements that can help you reduce weight.diets for weight loss and toning

Diets for slimming made of tomato

One of the most popular diets is the one with tomato. This fruit, rich in acids and minerals, not only transforms itself into a powerful fat burner, but also it helps eliminate the excess pounds in the body. The diet is very strict, but you can get very good results. And it is also a depurative diet, as it was created by the department of endocrinology at Harvard University.

The tomato diet should be done in a time of seven days, and the only thing that is recommended is to drink in each meal twice a day fresh tomato juice, without any type of dressing. It is cleansing and also helps to lose weight and remove toxins from the body. It is also recommended to eliminate industrial foods such as: soft drinks, fried foods and sugars.

Other diets for weight loss

Another of the simplest diets to lose weight and that gives very good results in the long run is the diet of the moon. This is very easy to do and does not last many days, only two to three days. This diet that has been so popular for decades now consists basically in fasting during a certain lunar phrase.  It is only recommended to drink broths, water juices, and all kind of liquid without additives such as sugar salt or fruit pulp. The same allows to lower one to three kilos every month. If done over an extended period, you can lose a lot of weight in the long run.

For those people who suffer from fluid retention one of the best diets is the so-called Pineapple diet. It not only helps to lose weight, but also to eliminate all the liquid that the body retains. It involves consuming three servings a day of this fruit, plus a pineapple juice fasting. This helps to burn fat and lose weight and to purify the body of toxic agents.

Other type of diets that have already been prepared by doctors and scientists and are based on studies done with many people is the Paleo Diet. It is also known as Paleolitica diet. This has a rule to consume fresh, natural foods, various types of meats and raw vegetables. It imitates the food that people had in the Paleolithic era, hence its name.


Following these suggestions of diets for weight loss, you can lose weight very quickly and without the need to go hungry. Before doing each diet is it advisable to consult a diet specialist of nutritionist for approval.

How to lose weight effectively and safely

Losing weight can be a goal, that not only will help us lose weight and look better esthetically, but it can also help us improve our health. There are many ways to lose weight, from pills, diets, low-calorie foods, supplements, exercises. If you want to know how to lose weight, you should know some products like Garcinia Cambogia and Pure Cambogia Ultra. This supplement will not only help you lose weight, but also improve your health and will bring many more benefits.

There are four key factors how to lose weight efficiently, and the first one is related to hydration. For this reason, it is recommended to drink plenty of water. According to experts it is suggested to drink two to three liters of water. The benefits are numerous, not only it helps the blood flow to improve, but it is very good at eliminating toxins and toxic elements from your body.lose weight diet

How to lose weight fast

Aerobic activities or any physical activity is another factor that can help you lose weight. Aerobic exercises are recommended, as the more calories you burn, the body begins to use accumulated fat deposits. That way it will thin up quickly. The metabolism may be slower depending on the type of food consumed and in what amounts. It is for this reason that it is recommended to eat small portions several times a day. When you stop eating, the metabolism becomes slower. What really happens is the indigested food transforms into fat.

There are also many techniques and exercises that can help us to lose weight quickly. Some of them are aerobic and cardiovascular exercises. These help accelerate metabolism and transform fat into muscle. Using some accessories such as the waist trainer for women can help burn calories faster.

They also make the body of the person become a machine that burns fat slims very quickly.

How to lose weight with other factors?

In the case of women losing weight can be more difficult because it contains a higher percentage of fat and also has less bodybuilding. Hormonal factors as well as a high intake of products rich in sugar or fat can cause weight gain. For this it is recommended to consume fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid eating banana as it is fruit that contains a lot of sugar. It can be replaced with citrus fruits containing few calories.

To know how to lose weight, what should be done is to combine a number of factors, such as: good nutrition, and physical exercise to increase the pace of metabolism. It is better to lose weight in a long run and with achievable goals, than to make extreme diets. In these extreme diets, you can lose weight very quickly, and then the rebound effect occurs. That implies the recovery of the weight or perhaps more after losing weight.

Some of the diets that are recommended for losing weight are fruit trees. Grapefruit or lemon diet is very good, but it is recommended to do them only two to three times a year. This diet helps us to lose a lot of weight and to burn the fat accumulated in the body.

This is how losing weight is possible. It mostly consists of a change of lifestyle, to obtain a healthy body.